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LLC HealthCare Global assures you that all the products are safe to use and free from harsh chemicals.
  Help us to lessen carbon footprints.
                                              Products are 100% plant based materials. Suitable for vegetarians and Muslims. (Note:- AuraWhite contains collagen from tilapia fish,not suitable for vegetarian)
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About Us

LLC HealthCare Global is a trusted online shopping Mall with premise situated at Wisma Mutiara Genting. 

We are proud to share with you the  products that are of  high quality. 

The beauty and health products are selected with stringents research before we intend to market to the public. BSY,SOLBOL,Jeunesse,Tasly, Maxpine are few brand names named  here with high biotechnological methods and stringent processing methods.
All are genuine. NO counterfeits.
Good quality at reasonable price and supported with many testimonials given by users to share with us the effectiveness of its products  to function as Herbal supplements for those chronic diseases sufferers. 

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LLC HealthCare Global assures you that all the products are safe to use and free from harsh chemicals. 
Help us to lessen carbon footprints.

Products are 100% plant based materials. Suitable for vegetarians and Muslims.

BSY products including the Fed Noni, Organic Hair Dyes Shampoo, Noni facial soaps (Sapphire Moor and Spring Crystals),Clenxlim,Liquid Lobata,Maximum Plus and many more.... are organically processed and are safe to use. 

The authenticity of the source of noni juice on research has proven the three generations of mice that were supplied with 5% noni juice at gestation period,has shown that noni is safe for the consumption of living. Approved by the FDA
 ( United States of America), passed laboratory tests in many countries including Malaysia and Singapore.  

Jeunesse products with its great rejuvenating and repairing powers give the us hope to live in this world of environmental polluted area. Get the 5 in 1 combo set  luminesce skin care series, and see the difference in you. The quality speaks and worth your money.

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Quality is assured. Products are not compromised in their quality and are reasonably priced.  
You will never know the effectiveness until you try for yourself today. 

We are inviting entrepreneurs that are eager to start a business on their own. Those who would like to be distributors/stockists/dealers, are invited to join us. 
All success comes from unity and trust.
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